My name is John Collins and I have spent most of my life researching the Legend of Bessler’s Wheel.  I believe I have at last found the solution and I plan to publish all that I have found in the hope that, should I  fail to produce a working model, the information on this and my other sites will enable, encourage and inspire others to take the information and succeed in building a working proof of principle wheel. This website is being updated and will be back on line in a few weeks.  For now the site will explain what will be on the new version

The new site will contain  everything I have discovered concerning how Bessler’s wheel worked and many of the clues  which support my solution. A full explanation of some of the clues will be given including details of the principle that lies behind Bessler’s wheel and these will be explained with diagrams and text.

At this point I am trying to complete a working wheel and if that is accomplished this site will go on line with a video of the machine spinning.  If the wheel fails to live up to its promise I shall still publish the new site because, anyone who reads it will, I hope,  be persuaded that the design is accurate and the explanation irrefutable and the failure to finish a working model will be down to my inability to construct the wheel because I lack the necessary skills and equipment rather than any fault in my research and conclusions.

I plan to publish a book showing and explaining all the clues which led me to this point.  They are numerous and some are simple and others complex, and I have barely scratched the surface of the massive amount of encoded material in Bessler’s Apologia Poetica.  There will also be a video demonstrating the Bessler/Collins principle which lies at the heart of the gravity enabled wheel.

I have been considering taking this next step for several months but originally I wanted to complete the working model myself before offering it to the world for everyone to build for themselves.  But in the end, if I should fail to complete a successful working model, in the very near future, to prove that my hypothesis is correct, then I think it is sensible to publish everything freely and as widely as possible, so that someone else can carry on with my work and complete the task I began some 55 years ago.




bessler portrait2

Johann Ernst Elias Bessler, also known by his pseudonym, Orffyreus, arrived at by the Caesar-shift encription method.

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