Monday 11 September 2023

The Legend of Johann Bessler’s Wheel.

This is my new blog, beginning today.  I intend to post details of my reconstruction of Bessler’s wheel here.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with the legend of Bessler’s wheel, or as it is sometime called the wheel of Orffyreus, (Orffyreus was his pseudonym) I am posting below a brief account of the story of Johann Bessler.

Before that I must tell you that many people believe Bessler’s claim to have succeeded in building a perpetual motion machine was genuine.  It was driven by falling weights so, it is claimed, it depended on the force of gravity.  I discovered that Bessler had left instructions showing how his machine worked, cleverly encoded in several different ways.  I have managed to decipher much of his hidden information, and it is this which I shall be publishing here.

The Legend of Johann Bessler’s Wheel.

On 6th June, 1712, in Germany, Johann Bessler (also known by his pseudonym, Orffyreus) announced that after many years of failure, he had succeeded in designing and building a perpetual motion machine.  For more than fourteen years he exhibited his machine and allowed people to thoroughly examine it.  Following advice from the famous scientist, Gottfried Leibniz, he devised a number of demonstrations and tests designed to prove the validity of his machine without giving away the secret of its design.

After more than thirty years he died in poverty.  He had asked for a huge sum of money for the secret, £20,000 which was an amount only affordable by kings and princes, and although many were interested, none were prepared to agree to the terms of the deal. Bessler required that he be given the money and the buyer take the machine without verifying that it worked.  Those who sought to purchase the wheel, for that was the form the machine took, insisted that they see the secret mechanism before they parted with the money. Bessler feared that once the design was known the buyers could simply walk away knowing how to build his machine and he would get nothing for his trouble.
This problem was anticipated by Bessler and he took extraordinary measures to ensure that his secret was safe, but he encoded all the information needed to reconstruct the machine in a small number of books that he published. It is well-known that he was prepared to die without selling the secret and that he believed that post humus acknowledgement was preferable to being robbed of his secret while he yet lived.

The information to be published here will include a video of my reconstrction of Bessler's wheel revolving.  Another video will give a brief account of the codes and where they are.  A book detailing all of the codes and their meaning will follow.


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