Tuesday 5 September 2023


This new blog is an addition to my other blog which has been running for more than thirteen years.  Here I intend to post details of my current construction of Johann Bessler’s gravitywheel.  It is based on some of the clues I’ve deciphered.  If it works I will share the successful design here and in many other places.  If it fails I will still share everything I know because even if my build fails, I have deciphered many of Johann Bessler’s clues and codes and these may help someone else to achieve more than I have.

Who is Johann Bessler?  What is this Gravity Wheel?

Well, for answers to both questions, visit my other blog at https://johncollinsnews.blogspot.com/

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There you can read all about this extraordinary man who built a so-called  Perpetual Motion machine more than 300 years ago in Germany.  He offered it for sale and provided as much proof as possible that  it was real, without actually revealing the internal workings. He offered numerous demonstrations, allowed every visitor the option to climb all over it check if it was being driven in some secret manner.  His demonstrations included raising a 70 pound weight up and down the side of the building in which the machine was situated.  He provided an alternative set of bearings to which the machine could be transferred, both sets were available for inspection before  and after.  He conducted a long term test of 54 days under lock and key.  

He also allowed just one person to see the interior of the machine, his name was Karl, the Landgrave of Hesse-Kassel, a highly respected man of impeccable reputation.  He was able to view and understand the workings of the machine and issued a declaration that  Bessler’s wheel, as it has become known, was genuine, it worked and was in fact quite simple.  So much information is available today, it is only a matter of weeks before his secret is revealed.